Short listed, VIVA international competitions
+ Comments Short listed, VIVA international competitions - 2004-09-23 18:39:01

To “Bring it back to life,” I used the most incorruptible and perfect proportion, ‘The Golden Section’. This golden spiral is also in harmony with Tadao Ando’s oval motif.

The previously finite life tree is transformed into an infinite tree sculpture. The trunk will be retained as a starting point of the sculpture. Moreover, to harmonize with its surrounding the trunk height is 2.7m which is half the height of the colonnade. The materials for sculpture are wooden planks and most of them are grafted from the dead cedar tree. In addition to wooden planks, to follow of the concept of the “incorruptible” titanium planks are inserted between the wooden planks. The tree ended its life but this transformed sculpture will hold precious memory from the site and people. Just like when the tree was alive.

The sculpture is a symbol of incorruptible and perfect proportion which will keep people’s memory of the tree infinitely.

Jury: Tadao Ando