You want to be inventive? Think yourself silly.
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+ Comments You want to be inventive? Think yourself silly. - 2010-09-14 22:16:56

Interview with Delicious Storm is a book about an architectural concept for young creative minds. A nonsense idea can be used as part of the invention, referring to the term ideofunction. The publication shows examples of idea narratives and illustrations to explain the creative architectural process.

Only 25 available.

The story of nonsense.

Published by A/O, 2010. 50 pages, 165mm x 210mm, soft cover, manufactured in California. Gummed Papers of America, Ultra digital FSC Uncoated Cover, 250gsm / Uncoated Text, 140gsm. 25 Limited Edition ISBN 978-0-9841069-0-5 Architecture / General Juvenile Fiction / General Bunglie Bunny used courtesy of Jellycat, London.

Pay What You Wish could be a bankruptcy model that would not last long but it could be a mind-boggling experience for some of you. Whether you are wealthy or not, we encourage you to pay whatever your heart, not your mind, says. We are offering only seven books out of 25 limited run per household. Why only seven books? We are offering seven books simply because that's a lucky number and that's also what we can afford. These books are made from the income we receive from our modest day jobs as cad monkeys. This does not mean that the product is cheaply made. Each book is hand-bounded and printed in California.

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Please send money using Paypal and enter '' as the recipient. Add postage US$15 (Korea Post package rate) and put the total in the 'Amount' box. Set the currency to 'U.S. Dollar' and type of purchase to 'Goods.' Write 'Interview with Delicious Storm' in the 'Subject' box, and put your name and address in the 'Note' section. If you have any questions, please e-mail us. You can find our contact information in the 'About' section.

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