Honorable Mention, The 2006 ENYA International Ideas Competition/AIA New York Chapter
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+ Comments Honorable Mention, The 2006 ENYA International Ideas Competition/AIA New York Chapter - 2006-03-31 09:00:22

A/O was selected over 300 entries around world. The work is currently exhibition at www.aiany.org

The following interview was conducted by Emerging New York Architect Committees.

(ENYA) What was your approach to the competition?

(A/O) The relationship between preservation and reuse from an urban point of view is not a simple opposition as is commonly seen, but they are two different stages of urban condition where the one always embodies the possibility of becoming the other. It is an endless cycle of urban mechanism. By acknowledging this matter, we intend to give it a tactical twist by taking an idea from ‘chiasmus’; an inverted relationship between the syntactic elements of parallel phrases. ex) “Never let a fool kiss you or a kiss fool you.” Our proposal is a story about twin buildings based on the idea of chiasmus.

(ENYA) What is your emergent status (where are you in your career)?

(A/O) Both of us are working full-time in New York, and at the same time we are on the verge of launching an architectural organization, “Allied Operations (www.alliedoperations.com)”. It is a place where independent design professionals could form a temporary team to collaborate on competitions and projects. We are foreseeing a couple of projects in Beijing and Seoul now.

(ENYA) What is your educational background?

(A/O) Architecture

(ENYA) If a team, how do you know each other / how do you work together?

(A/O) We believe that friction in thinking can drive progressive results. We do not hesitate to be brutal.

(ENYA) Why did you choose this competition?

(A/O)ENYA seemed to be able to provide strong PR opportunities through traveling exhibitions and publications.

(ENYA) How much time did you spend working on your entry?

(A/O)We put small amount of hours everyday within the timeframe of two months.

(ENYA)Did you conduct any research outside of the competition brief-if so, what type?

(A/O)We extensively looked at Michael Heizer’s work and some of other massive land art projects from 1960’s. They helped us conceptualize our predetermined vision.

(ENYA) When you learned about the competition, what was your first vision for the site and how did it develop over the course of the project?

(A/O)Interestingly enough, we had a very strong image of the final product from the start; two identical buildings standing side by side, eerily evoking déjà vu in a frozen timeframe. It was a reversal of pre-concept about preservation and reuse of structure, which also required reversed process of design. The problem was how to work our way backwards, connecting the image to larger social and urban issues. However, a word play of chiasmus came to be effective in unwrapping it.

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Jury: Pedro Calzavara; Mimi Hoang, RA; Kate Orff , ALSA; Robert Silman, PE, Hon, AIANY; Dr. Tadeusz Sudol; Berth Tauke; Lebbeus Woods