About A/O

Allied Operations began with a few graduates from GSAPP (Columbia University's Graduate School of Architecture, Planning, and Preservation). We were hoping to design exercises to keep our brain stimulated after our day-job. Also we were hoping we wouldn't be CAD monkeys once we were off the clock. As you may know, most of the Nobel Prizes resulted from people dedicating their lives fully to what they loved, not simply because of some state-of-the-art laboratories. In keeping with this spirit, we turned our patch into a forge for creativity.

A/O exists on the premise that compounding residual hours of operation in different time zones and extremely cohesive Internet communication is the best way for this design team to execute a project. We love to say, "Quantity is failure of efficiency, and efficiency, the failure of capitalism." A/O operates between these two parameters. We are a humanist operation. As design collectives, we are brutal, crazy and unconventional. We approach projects according to their own unique demands and not to some predetermined style requirement.

For images and information about A/O's work, you can either write us at following address or email us. However due to unusual hours of operation, we are unable to provide a direct response:

Allied Operations, INC.


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